Smarter ways to boost confidence at work

A healthy level of self-esteem helps people take on challenging projects, leap outside their comfort zones and achieve goals. If you’ve read ‘How high is your self-esteem?‘, you know there are four behaviours that show an employee has (appropriately) high self-esteem.

  • Communicating your needs
  • Saying no assertively
  • Recognising and accepting your strengths
  • Putting negative experiences into perspective

So now let’s take our investigation of self-esteem a step further. How can you, as an HR practitioner or L&D practitioner, nurture your own self-esteem?

Trust your expertise

Ever heard of imposter syndrome? It’s when you believe deep down that you are a fake. It results in deep fear – the fear that you will be found out soon. Other people can sense your anxiety and as a result, their confidence in your capabilities will waver. If you trust what you know, everyone else will.

Get out there

To have impact, you need to assert yourself when the situation calls for it. You’re in the HR department because you know your role better than anyone else Stand up and be counted. Learn to speak with assertiveness and to negotiate confidently.

Invest in your own development

Identify your strengths and keep building them. Stay on top of current trends by networking and connecting with the HR professionals you admire. Become an action leader, not just a thought leader. It’s also important to have peers you can talk to about your ideas or issues you’re facing at work. Connect with like-minded people outside of your workplace. Get a mentor or attend HR networking events. This will make growing your skills easy and natural.

Master the art of reframing

Now imagine how empowered you would feel if you learned how to challenge limiting beliefs and reframe your thoughts in a positive light. You would be a happier, more confident person. There’s no limit to what you can achieve. Learn how to reframe limiting beliefs by using techniques from positive psychology. Contact Eleanor Shakiba about simple ways to do this.

The highs and lows in our self-esteem ultimately comes down to mindset. What you tell yourself matters. When you get the self-dialogue right, your confidence levels naturally go up.

About the author of this article

Eleanor Shakiba is a specialist in positive psychology. Her key area of expertise is helping smart professionals build their social and emotional intelligence. Since 1994, Eleanor has been teaching talented people – like you – how to think, communicate and behave in ways that build success. Find out how Eleanor can help you or your team here.