2017: Your Year to Smash Through Glass Ceilings

Welcome to 2017. This year, I’ll be focussing my newsletter on tips for helping savvy, professional women – like you or your female colleagues –  thrive in today’s demanding world.

This new women and success theme reflects a crystalisation of my professional focus. From now on, my goal is to help high potential women burst through glass ceilings. That’s why I’ve changed my tagline to ‘the glass ceiling smasher’.

You might be wondering what inspired this change of focus? Well, I’ve been a presenter and coach for 22 years now. In that time, 90 percent of the people I’ve helped have been high potential women. Women who’ve hit frustrating road blocks on their paths to success. From under-resourced women in Bali, to stressed out Australian females in leadership roles, the women I meet consistently report experiencing three main barriers to success. 

  • Being seen and taken seriously
  • Feeling confident and maintaining momentum
  • Having an impact and being heard

It saddens and worries me that these barriers still hold so many women back- especially as I know there are dozens of no-sweat ways to leap beyond them. From now on, my mission is simple. I’m here to solve those three problems. And YOU will benefit. Yes. As a valued subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll be first to benefit from the solutions I develop this year.

Here’s what else you’ll receive this year

Don’t worry, I’m not about to announce that my newsletter is now a paid service. You’ll continue to receive 2 free tip sheets and 2 free videos each month.  And there’s even more on offer from now on. To accelerate your success, you’ll also receive:

Subscriber-only access to my NEW, monthly webinar programs. These webinars focus on practical actions that promote success. They’ll help raise your confidence, boost your professional profile and negotiate with flair. Just like my videos, they’re absolutely free.  

Advanced notice when tickets for my women in business events go on sale. These intimate networking dinners and public workshops are for ambitious women like YOU. Check out 2017’s inspiring program here.

Discount rates on my Glass Ceiling Smasher coaching programs. These provide one-to-one guidance for women in ‘high intellect’ professions (academia, engineering, IT, finance, education etc) who encounter barriers to career success. Interested? Download your free coaching starter pack here.

Special pricing deals on my corporate wise women workshops. These negotiation and leadership training workshops have been specifically designed for women. If you want to add oomph to your organisation’s diversity program, check out the program.

2017 sure is going to be an action-packed year. I’m sure you’re keen to get involved. So, check out the first women’s networking dinner. Bookings close on 13th February 2017 so book now.

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About the author of this article

The author of this article is Sydney based trainer, Eleanor Shakiba. Eleanor is a trusted coach to talented women in high intellect fields. She has taught more than 50,000 women how to excel professionally. Her passion is teaching high potential women to become outstanding professionals. Eleanor is qualified in Social Anthropology, Applied Psychology, Adult Education and Neuro Linguistic Programming.